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Unorthodox Vacation

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

My view of the Golden Gate Bridge, which was my favorite part of my vacation.

Warning. This blog post might be a little different, today. 

I was on vacation — some people might say. That’s why no blog post has been posted. How did it go? Let me tell you.

You just love hearing the juicy stuff, huh? Well, me too. Too bad there’s nothing juicy about what I’m going to write about… except that I’m telling you some unfiltered information. I told you I’ll be real with you. It starts like this: I went up to Northern California. 

I was excited to drive eight hours to be in a lake house, which was so cute, with friends. Until it actually came time to leave and hit the road to head up. In case you didn’t read my last post, I mentioned how I’ve never left Southern California (except for one time when I was smaller), and I’ve never done anything major with friends, let alone friends I’ve only met within the last year. So, this trip was a major milestone for me. I didn’t know what to expect. I was overthinking, and the worst part of this all was that I was thinking about not learning something new, not taking time to study audio or watch videos about audio, or anything relating to learning academically. Learning is all I know.


*As I am writing this, so much is going through my mind. Just about everything. About how I need to stop being lazy, be bolder, be fearless, and stop comparing my journey to everyone else’s because that is a joy snatcher. If you’re wondering why this random part is interrupting this post, it’s because it is. I’m human and I don’t have everything together, and you and everyone else don’t either. You’re welcome; you’re not alone. Anyway, back to the show.


Throughout the trip, we stopped a couple of times, ate, went potty, and drove again. We got there, ate, hung out, played some card games, went into the lake, and chilled. Then we went to San Francisco and Napa. Then we went home. That was the trip. It was different than anything I’ve done. There’s something within all this that is interesting, though. There is an actual lesson in everything, I realized. While hanging out with new people in a new way, I learned at least one thing, and that’s this:

It’s amazing how different our lives are. You and me, and everyone in between. What you see as a routine and comfortable, I see as new and awkward. I’ll tell you this though: I sometimes wish I were as comfortable and settling in situations as others. Are you special or are you just not the one to be around? Is that why I feel awkward around you?

I don’t know if you’ve ever felt that, but that is me recently. As mentioned before, my life is turning around, but I don’t know in which direction. It feels like I belong in the places I am, but then I don’t. That may be my adventurous side just trying and begging to come out now that she has the chance. That’s what people don’t see, they really don’t. I’m not just quiet or the new one. To some I’m just the quiet one, to some I’m the new one, or to others, I’m a nobody. But that’s not just me. I’m the one who loves learning, who’s willing to drive out in the middle of the desert to watch the stars at midnight, who just wants adventure, who likes “uncool” things like playing innocent games, drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, and many other things people won’t know if they don’t realize that we’re on different journeys. But here’s the cool thing: we can learn where each one of us are and go on journeys together, because we have different experiences that can help each other. 

Also, temptation is out there. There will be times where your character will be tested.

So, I did learn something on this journey. It may not be completely academically, but it is something that could be read into more and thought about. I really don’t know if this blog post makes sense or not, since I just wrote it and put it together. I wanted to share what was on my mind, though. Hopefully I got the gist of what was on my mind out to you. 

So far, this is where being in audio has taken me. I promise there’s a lot more to uncover with me — in audio alone and everyday life. I’ll tell you all about it.

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