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This One's for the Girls

We have to start somewhere, right?

I felt really cool here; I was being trained on the big board- Yamaha CL5.

Not going to lie, writing blogs and creating content is hard. But let's try this, again.

Here's what I know. I'm a person who wants to do live sound-- who happens to be a girl. I don't have a plethora of wisdom to share like others, but I can tell you what I know so far: live sound is a literal rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. Some days I think concepts are finally clicking, then a day comes where it knocks me back down. Some days, I think I'm finally going to get chances to get experience, then life happens. This is with every aspect in my life, though. So whether you're trying to finish school, find a new job, or are trying something new out, I think we can all relate that getting to where we want takes time.

Here's something to think about, though: don't fight where you are.

This is a reminder to me, too. You have no idea how many times a day I have to remind myself of this. Holy cow.

In the meantime, study up. Being someone who had no connections in the industry whatsoever, I've had resources pop up to help me (which I still have to read more of, myself). A couple of them are:

  • SoundGirls

  • Live Sound International

  • Mix Magazine


  • YouTube

  • Social Media (Follow people who do what you want to do)

These are very few resources, yes, but from what I know, they are pretty good to start with. If you are already in the industry, you probably know these and way more.

By the way, if you have any resources, tips, wisdom, or anything that would help girls (well, anyone, actually) in the industry, message me! Being new with no connections, it could be hard, especially for girls. And if you are a girl, don't let that stop you! There are a little more obstacles, but there are more people out there who are willing to help who. Not all guys are rude, and not all girls are nice. Don't let a couple of bad apples let you think the whole tree is rotten! For example, the picture up above is a picture of one of the employees at my church who trains me, sometimes. Yes, he's a dude. No, he doesn't discriminate because I'm a girl.

Fun fact: The whole purpose of this entry was actually to describe that picture, but I kinda went off in a different direction. Oops. In a nutshell, I was going to say that volunteering is a way to get your foot in the door. You will encounter days where you might have to do the dirty work like running cables or making coffee runs, but sometimes, you just gotta start somewhere. I'm still kinda new at this, so I'm somewhere in-between of finally getting behind a board and getting coffee still.

All this to say that get out there, be cool, be patient, and embrace your GIRL!

P.S. I'm always here to listen and contact, so don't be shy if you wanna talk, cry, or learn together! Don't forget we're human, girl... or person reading this!


Okay, so as I was typing this, I took a break to do a mini soundcheck, and I relearned a very crucial lesson: When something isn't working, first check the easy fixes. I was testing the wedges on the stage, and I noticed they were getting signal, but I wasn't hearing anything. I changed scenes on the board, I unplugged things, checked the amps, and just about everything other than the first thing that popped into my head -- replacing a cable. I thought it couldn't have been that simple -- it was.


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