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I may talk a little too much to people, but it's enabled me to shadow and help out. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, people.

What makes you not want to talk to people?

  • “Less experience/knowledge”

  • “you’re in a rush”,

  • “being an introvert”,

  • “shy”,

  • “having pride”,

  • “you just don’t care to know the person”,

  • “being an anti-social, socially awkward, shy person”,

  • “they look different than you”,

  • and "You think you don't have anything in common."

are some answers I received when I asked this question to some people.

I think the absolute worst when it comes to trying to get to know someone; I think they’re going to think I’m weird or not cool enough to be around them, so I get awkward with questions and conversations; I don’t mean to, though. It’s my defense mechanism within me. My voice becomes lower and monotone because I don’t know what to do with it, but once I become more comfortable, I can be myself.

Where am I going with this, you might ask? Well, if we don’t take chances to get to know someone, even if you don’t think you want to know them, you should give them a shot. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t want to walk up or talk to people because I thought the worst. Now those people are my best friends, mentors, and people to call when I need some advice or an answer to a question. I’ve had some cool opportunities (like shadowing, being taught, and making connections) just by putting on my grown-girl pants and talking to people and asking questions. So, whether you are way up there on the social ladder or way down below at the foundation on which you future will be built on, just talk to people.

I see it this way: If you talk to someone, it could totally help someone. You might be the person who makes their day; they might have been having a bad day or were feeling down, and just the mere act of acknowledging could make their day; you could make a new connection, someone to fill in for you, to help you, to teach you, or to teach them! You could make a new friend. Or that person couldn’t care less, and they forget about you. But, you tried! Maybe, you planted a seed for something else. Either way, at the end of our lives, we could say we tried, and we can learn from our experiences.

It seems like such common knowledge and common sense, but I find myself losing against the negative thoughts when it comes to talking to people. I know I have probably missed opportunities because of my doubt and worry. I constantly have to remind myself that we are all just people, and to just take that chance to get to know them-- even if I have to step out of my comfort zone when I really don’t want to. But, how else are we going to build character if we don’t challenge ourselves.

Also, you’re probably a real cool person, so let other people know how cool you are!! Share the wealth, ya know?

I’m talking to everyone here, not just one industry. This could be applied everywhere and anywhere. Just talk to people. Just. Talk. To. People.

Oh. Be nice, too. Always be nice.


I'm working on this, myself. So, if I don't talk to you, talk to me.


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