Making History

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Low quality picture, but high quality personality that will take me places.

Wanna hear a cool story? Well, sit down, Toots!

You see, things were not going as I planned. I was dwelling on situations that I couldn’t control. Things seemed to be falling apart. Woe is me.

Yeah, it sucks, but, “Suck it up, buttercup. Get out there, and show them who Kari is!”, the inner voice said. “I’m smart; I have a college degree. I know I want to be a live sound engineer. I want to make more audio friends! One fall doesn’t mean I can’t get back up. Do a study.” Those thoughts literally just popped into my head one night. So, I did a study called Girls/Women Lifestyle Survey. I created the survey, then sent numerous messages out to people, companies, and organizations asking them to take it. I just left it alone, because I didn’t actually think people would respond or take me seriously. It was definitely a risk.

A couple of days later, my family and I were at our favorite Mexican restaurant, then suddenly, my Twitter notifications started blowing up. What the heck? Mentions and DMs started rolling in. I yelled, “MOM, CHECK THIS OUT! PEOPLE FROM THE OUTSIDE WORLD ARE MESSAGING ME!” She was sitting right across from me-- sorry, Mom. She read some of the mentions and DMs, and she looked so proud. Like, Kari-finally-got-a-boyfriend proud!

People were asking me to talk more about the study; I was in complete shock. But, one DM was unique-- it was from Women In AV. Previously, I sent them a message asking if they would help spread the word since they have a good following on Twitter, and they responded. YAS. The message was filled with words of encouragement, mentorship, and praise. Eventually, those messages led to Women In AV asking if we could collaborate to create a study to find out who the women and girls in AV were! I loved the idea, and now we’re here. We have published the first study of its kind! Umm… yes, please.

Cool story, right? Of course there’s much more to that. Notice how I didn’t emphasize much of the negative beginning of the story, though. There is no reason. Having the benefit of hindsight, I realized how funny I was acting when I thought as if nothing could get better. I’m literally making history with an opportunity that wouldn’t have come if things would have gone the way I wanted them to go.

I’m not one to get cheesy, but to think this tiny girl thought things were falling apart when in reality, they were falling together. That was pretty cheesy.

My communication degree is coming in handy, eh, Mom?


If anyone reading this wants to contribute to advancing my career, please check out my most recent project with Women in AV. Participate if you can, or share it if you want to help an ambitious girl out. Okayybyee!

Click here to participate in or view the study

Your participation is anonymous and any personal information is kept strictly confidential nor will be sold, reused, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed.


My mom tells me to be strong and independent, and not to depend on anyone or anything

other than God. She gives that advice to all the other women and girls out there, too. She is a fabulous queen.


I’m looking for experience in live sound, if anyone wants to reach out. I’m a great learner and have a great personality-- at least that’s what my mom tells me.


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