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1. Jesus follower
Synonyms: risk-taker, dedicated, Karing, has a lot of Karicter, unstoppable
2. A girl who knows she has much to learn.
Synonyms: adventurer, a little nerdy

My name is Kari Marin, and I graduated in May of 2019 with my BA in Mass Communication from California State University, Los Angeles. In 2015, I became interested in the field of Communication when my music teacher let me intern for her record label, and let me run her social media, book some gigs, and sell merchandise at one of her concerts. I realized how important it was to interact with people when I realized my voice caused action: receiving comments on posts, getting gigs, selling CDs. My love for music and communicating with people were the stepping stones that led me to live sound in 2018. I knew I wanted to be in the music scene, but I didn't know where I would properly fit in. Behind the scenes was where I found my niche.

I knew some concepts of live sound from hanging around my music teacher, but I didn't know much. Then, wanting to be involved more at church, I started volunteering in the AV ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship in 2018, and have learned so much since. I have been blessed to have moved up and gain a plethora of opportunities and experience including: freelance, shadowing, networking. Eventually in 2019 (after graduating from CSULA), I wanted to officially become an audio engineer, and so the search of finding a job in the field happened.

In late 2019, while I was waiting to hear back from jobs, I figured I could cultivate some communication and research skills I gained from college, so I created a Girls/Women in AV lifestyle study in hopes to find more females out there in the field who were like me; I've heard a lot of stereotypes, and I didn't know if I fell into those or not. I hoped to merge my study of communication, love for people, and experience in live sound to fine-tune, expand, and explore my abilities, crafts, and skills to be a better resource for others. Unexpectedly, the survey gained recognition a bit on social media, and gained recognition, which led to my collaboration with WAVE, an organization for women in AV. We created a demographics study named the Women + Girls in AV Study ,which was the first of its kind (from what I know) spanning all the AV industry. We were blessed to have gotten more than 500 women from all over the world to take this study! WOO!

Not long after the collaboration, in February 2020 (Valentine's Day was my first day), I managed to land an AV job at Water of Life Community Church. And let me tell you, that was all God. The research was done for now, since I had a full time job, but God had put a project on my heart around this time that I didn't know what to do with, so I left it alone.

Fast forward to February 14, 2022 I got married to my best friend Robert, whom I met at Water of Life (*heart eyes!*). Then, shortly after, I started having some hearing problems that really affected my work. Dun dun dun. As a live sound engineer, it really concerned me; this is all I've known for most of my work experience. Lordy, but because of this, God really has me going deeper into his word and growing our relationship, and love for people even more. I have had to go on light duty and eventually part time. It scared me a bit, because it's hard for me to find jobs; I want to make sure I am doing something meaningful with my time and life, and I want to make sure it's where God is sending me. So, the job hunt started, and I couldn't get anything. Then, God reminded me of a project he put on my heart about two years ago that I didn't have time for; He put on my heart to do research again, and this time, all for Him. I was a little nervous, but I'm accepting where God is leading me. He hasn't let me down before. 

Now we are here: My next project. The Forever Findings. Research to help people think about the things of forever.

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